Improving Productivity in the Workspace with Color

by Marci Klein June 22, 2017

Improving Productivity in the Workspace with Color

Business is booming, you’re hiring more talent, and you are rapidly  outgrowing your space. It’s time to upgrade the office. You need something that will both optimize workflow and impress potential clients. You’ve worked out the layout, now what color scheme? Cool white modern, a playful pop of color, or subtle yet elegant?

pantone color chips

Multiple studies have researched how color schemes in the office effect productivity.  For example, a University of Texas study found that bland gray, beige and white offices induced feelings of sadness and depression, especially in women, while orange and purple had similar effects on men.

ultramodern white commercial furniture in cowering workspace

Ever wonder why hospital rooms are typically pale shades of blue and green? These low-wavelength colors are known to lend an overall sense of well-being and tend to be calming and sedating. In other words, they PUT YOU TO SLEEP. This palette may work if you own a yoga studio or a spa but may not be optimal if you want your workers to actually work.

calming serene blue in modern room setting

That being said, Blue is also known to promote feelings of trust and communication so if your business warrants a high level of teamwoork and collaboration, you may just want to add a splash.

Yellow, on the other hand, often viewed by color psychologists as the shade of optimism, is energizing and fresh. It is believed to trigger innovation and is best used in work environments where artists, writers, designers, developers and other creative professionals work.

modern workspace in white and yellow is energizing

Red, a high-wavelength color, is highly stimuating and energizing. It’s great for active, intense jobs and places that require night shifts. But beware, it also increases the appetite, so if your going with red, use it sparingly or make sure you’ve got some munchies for the team.

pop red colors in the modern workspace keep workers aware and energetic

Despite the plethora of data out there on color theory and maximizing productivity, at Modify Furniture, we also understand that each employee is more than the sum of statistical data and as such, individuals may be affected differently or may in fact have personal preferences. That is precisely why the Polychrome Office Line is designed with swappable colored components. Because in the end, a happy worker is a hard worker.

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